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Building Specifications

Building size
349,010 square feet of gross leasable area:

Ground Floor Retail

9,340 s.f.

Conference Centre

15,000 s.f.

Shower & Changeroom Facilities

1,032 s.f.

Typical Floor (Low Rise 3-12)

14,227 s.f.

Typical Floor (High Rise 13-23)

14,610 s.f.

24th Floor

13,542 s.f.

Retail and parking facilities
9,340 square feet of retail space facilities located on the ground floor.
Underground parking on four levels can accommodate 394 cars with controlled access.

Four low rise, 500 FPM gearless passenger elevators (for levels 1-12).
Four high rise, 800 FPM gearless passenger elevators (for levels 12-24).
Two hydraulic shuttle elevators serving the parking levels. One 350 FPM, geared service elevator, serving all levels.
All passenger elevators are computer controlled solid state (SCR) type for optimum group dispatch performance and controlled by security card access during after hours.

A building based computer with DDC software controls heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with optimum energy performance.
The typical floor HVAC system is a compartmental system, designed with variable air volume (VAV) control of air handling units and VAV air diffusers on each floor.
Direct tenant access to the HVAC systems control computer is possible during after hours via coded telephone interface.

Incoming electrical service of 12KV primary voltage is supplied from two main building dry-type transformers for reliability and is distributed via a copper busduct riser for maximum flexibility.
Each typical office floor, ground floor, retail areas and second floor are provided with a power/lighting panel and 208/115V convenience panel. Distribution to the office areas from the lighting panel is in rigid empty conduit to junction boxes located in the ceiling space.
A 600 volt diesel emergency generator provides back-up power for all major building equipment including elevators, life safety and security systems.
An additional emergency generator is dedicated specifically to provide tenants with back up power for their servers.
A separate grounding cable has been provided for high-tech tenant computers.
High quality standard building lighting fixtures are energy saving T-8 fluorescent lamps. A checkerboard layout pattern for open office space allows for maximum lighting efficiency.
Direct tenant access to the central lighting control computer is possible during after hours via telephone interface by dialing coded numbers.

Life safety and security
All office areas are equipped with sprinklers and stand pipes include pull stations at all stairwells and  exits. A UL Approved speaker system annunciates first and second stage alarms. All fire alarm and annunciation devices are provided with emergency power.
A separate building based security computer controls access to the building and elevators after hours. Access to the building may be gained during secure periods by means of insert or proximity type security cards.







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